Welcome To Limeridge Farm

Limeridge Farm is a small 2+ acre farm, halfway between Ravenna, Ohio and Garrettsville, Ohio on Rte. 88.  Everything we raise is soy-free.  The Farm produces non-soy chicken, duck, goose, turkey, and lamb, meaning no soy is used in any of our feeds.  Poultry, sheep, goats, and ponies roam freely.  The animals are out the door in the morning, and bring themselves in at night.  They’re shut inside only in a blizzard or when temperatures fall into the single digits and it snows.  But on a winter morning, they’ll trek in the snow, if it’s not too deep.  Come visit and see humanely raised poultry and sheep.  Children are always welcome visitors, to learn and to pet the animals.

Please feel free to call and come out to the farm. Occasionally we can meet you on the east side of Cleveland, for delivery, to a central point,  for a group of customers.  We cannot support individual deliveries to people’s homes.  

You can reach us at 330-608-5906 or farmer@limeridgefarmohio.com



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