Independent Agriculture Politics

The Politics of Independent Agriculture.  Independent farmers, especially those raising organic or otherwise non-industrial food sources are under an onslaught of federal and state regulations that threaten their existence.  Attempts to apply measures designed to protect consumers from the dangers of mass-produced food will crush small farmers.  If you want to learn more about protecting independent agriculture from intrusive regulation, check out:

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance  An independent advocacy organization, supporting independent sustainable agriculture that is solely focused on advocacy, not producing fertilizer, selling insurance or participating in other similar activities like organizations such as Farm Bureau branches. FARFA provides terrific information on the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, animal ID, and raw milk.  Although originally Texas-based, FARFA is active in many states and at the federal level and is a highly effective coalition builder that gets things done for independent farmers.

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund Advocates for the freedom to produce food and provide it to those consumers who want fresh, local foods.  Did you know the FDA has stated in open legal documents that it should have the right to tell people what they may and may not eat, and feed their families?  The FCDLF defends member farmers when they are attacked by enforcement agencies who sadly are often intent on shutting down non-industrialized food production.  FCDLF needs contributions in addition to its membership feeds, to support the legal work it does in numerous states.

Campaign for Raw Milk You may not want to consume raw milk or raw milk cheese and yogurt, but people should have the right to decide.


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