Health Care

How Are Sick Animals Treated?  If an animal becomes ill, and the disease is not acute, the first approach is to examine and change, if necessary, diet and environment.  Where treatment is required, homeopathy and herbal remedies are used.  For more information on a homeopathic veterinary resource, go to our Links page.

I am a Bowenwork practitioner, and provide Bowenwork to my animals.  When necessary I take them to a chiropractor.

Animals get minimal or no grain, used only when they need to receive their herbal treatments.  Everyone gets merely a tad (Duke gets a teaspoon!), to get down their supplements.  Grassfed experts know that such minimal amounts of grains do not alter the health effects of grass-based diets.

The horses’ hooves are cared for by a natural hoof care practitioner, Steve Hebrock.   Follow the Links for more information.


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